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Motor Vehicle Insurance: How They Make You Spend More


Car insurance prices are expected to rise even more throughout 2015. No matter in which driver category you are, you can always expect to pay a sum that could well shock you. Insurers are still tricking customers and getting them to sign more expensive policies that they don't really need. Usually, this is done by maximising the risks. Companies use variouricks to make premiums higher.

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Cheap Insurance - Why you Spend More?

Adding Unwanted Extras:

Adding unwanted extras to a primary policy is a common way for insurers to make you pay more. This goes hand in hand with maximising the risks. The add-on products are profitable for the firms and aren't even disclosed at times. You could unveil them if you read the small print. It is like the PPI, but luckily that one was exposed. For most of the time, these add-ons mean little value for money. You may be charged with up to 200 extra if you accept these options.


Forcing into Cover


Some companies offer you several months of gratuity and then automatically sign you up for a paid, expensive policy. The windscreen cover is one such example. To opt out, you will have to remove the cover yourself. Be aware because you may not be notified when a cover becomes effective. Like many other charges, these are not disclosed properly.


Lengthy and Unclear Policy Documents


Besides the growing length of policy documents (now reaching an average of 18,400 words), you will also have to deal with improper written English and confusing statements. In any case, the simple length of these documents may be enough to discourage you from reading the whole of it. This means skipping important details. As the policy holder, by all means you must know everything you sign up for.


In Case of Accidents


If you were involved in an accident, your insurer still won't be on your side, as you expect. Making a claim is a difficult process. Do not expect an altruistic approach when you are in need. Also, do not feel discouraged, there are still many cases when a claim is paid in full, in a most fair manner. What you must be aware of is the first settlement offer: this is where they advance their tricks. It would be wise to reject their first offer, no matter how much you want things settled quickly. Usually, more experts are needed (medical ones and such) to assess the damage and the value of the claim to be made.


Sometimes it gets even worse. Insurance companies don't react to their client's calls or claim they've lost the papers or transfer them to another company that appears to know nothing of the situation. The difficulties and frustrations make the client eventually quit. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to deal with such an attitude.


A lawyer is also of help when the amount offered by the company does not match the value of your car and the damage caused. Do not sign any paper work and do not deal with claim adjusters until the lawyer has viewed it all.




Don't expect these companies to work in your best interest. Insurers are in a business that involves billions. Dodge the poor practise in the industry by being informed and aware of the possible ways to trick customers. Note that shopping around and comparing quotes still remains one of the best methods to get a cheap car insurance policy. Do this whenever your policy expires, there is no need to stay loyal to one provider, especially as new and better offers may pop up at any time.