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How to Get a Low Cost Car Insurance in 2015

As announced by the media earlier this year, car insurance costs are expected to rise by about 10% in 2015. It was stated that a comprehensive car insurance will stand at at least $500 per year. The cheapest deals on the market have grown with at least 0.2% in the last months of 2014. This is a factor that helps predict even bigger price growth for the current year.


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 Finding the Best Car Insurance Deal

 low cost car insurance
Lower your car insurance costs and get extra breakdown cover :)

Competitive as they may be, car insurance policies are only getting more expensive now. Suddenly, every car owner's concern is to shop around in search of the cheapest car insurance deals. Read further about how to escape the price rise in 2015 and enjoy a low cost car insurance.


Young drivers to feel the change


The younger drivers will be the most troubled in 2015. They represent a high-risk category, which is why insurers take advantage and bloat the premiums. Young drivers (aged 17-20) got a significant price reduction between January 2014 and December, but what they're currently paying is still too much compared to what should be. While you may not be able to change the general perception that young drivers are reckless ones, you can still influence some factors in your favour. You can keep the mileage low and park you car in safe place (a driveway if you don't have a garage) instead of leaving it in the street.


Don't be stuck with a provider


Regardless of the category you are in, you should always shop around when a policy ends. Even if you were pleased with the latest deal, you can always find a better one so it's worth to look again. Given the current situation, shopping around for better deals is even more imperative than before. There is no point in staying a loyal client to your existing provider. New offers are coming quite frequently, as well as new rules. Be completely honest as you fill out the form for a quote. Lying will provide you with an unrealistic cost estimation.


Cutting costs further


A blackbox could be successfully used to cut costs further. This is a device which monitors one's driving habits and therefore, if you are considered a high risk driver, you can 'prove them wrong' and show that your habits aren't that risky after all. In other words, you may be a young driver, but with a mature attitude and approach, which make you trustworthy. More mainstream providers will make blackboxes available, so you will be easily shopping around for yours. It has been shown that a car insurance policy that includes telematics can be with as much as £620 cheaper.


If you are about to leave your old car for a new one or simply buy your first car, you should double check your options if you want a cheaper insurance. The car manufacturer can make a big difference. Expensive foreign cars are definitely attracting higher costs. Nevertheless, the engine plays an important role, too. The more powerful the car is, the higher the insurance costs go. Small engines, on the other hand, bring premiums down. This goes for 'fashionable' cars, too. To name some brands, the cheaper ones are Kia, CitroŽn, Fiat or Toyota, while the more expensive are Peugeot, Renault or Volkswagen, even some Vauxhall models.


You will have to pay attention to these ways of cutting insurance costs especially if you are a young driver. You are advised to disregard that the premiums were lowered during the past year, as the trend is now going the opposite way even for this category. The market is expecting premiums to rise again in 2015.


he same goes for claims you've made.
Meeting the low-risk criteria of insurers may get you a significant discount. Fortunately, many aspects can be influenced. As you fill out the form to obtain a quote, be honest about the required data, in order to get a realistic estimation.