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Cheapest Car Insurance: How Can I Get It?

A car insurance represents one of those expenses/investments to which you may want to ponder over before you take any decision. As the cost adds up month by month, year by year, you cannot ignore the many available options and different prices. It's worthy to shop around and get educated on the matter of car insurances, as this will help you get the best deal.

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Can I Insure My Car for a Cheap Price?
 Cheapest Car Insurance UK
Keeping yourself calm while driving can reduce the chance of accidents.


Yes, it is perfectly possible. However, there will be certain aspects that cannot be controlled by you and we will discuss these later. Specialised insurers understand the need to sign for such a deal and are advancing special offers for vehicle owners who previously thought they could not be insured. They are even willing to insure one for a very cheap price, since this is a necessity. The minuscule prices, however, are not guaranteed to everyone. You have to match certain criteria.

What the Price Depends On

There is a multitude of car types and brands out there. Each owner or driver has their own lifestyle and driving habits. The vehicles have various ages, strengths and weaknesses. There are smaller and bigger risks. There isn't one common denominator and therefore the insurers will use these differences and more to calculate the cost of your policy. If you are both lucky and informed though, you may be able to cut down the costs and secure a low-priced car insurance.

The Things You Can Control

Car insurers look at a specific set of factors to determine how much you will have to pay. Some of these factors can be influenced to make you eligible for lower rates.
The security level. A car that is well protected will represent a much lower risk to insurers. This will make them 'trust' you more and lower the premiums of your car insurance. Instal high-tech security devices such as alarms and immobilisers to keep your vehicle safe at all times.
The cover level. You are free to choose the level of cover that you want. The higher it is, the more you pay. Opting for third-party is the cheapest version. At the other end of the spectrum you have the comprehensive cover, which incurs the greatest costs.
The excess. In case you need to make a claim, you must be able to pay a certain amount upfront. The higher this one is, the lower your premiums get. When you set the excess amount, try to make it bigger but remember to keep it affordable. If you'll ever need to make a claim, then you have to be able to pay that excess.
Your place of living. Your address/post code is another factor that affects the value of your premiums. Insurers look at your home address because they need to know in what kind of environment you keep your car. If it's a dangerous neighbourhood where the crime rate is high, your premiums will also soar. It may not be an easy move, but if you get to live in a lower risk area you will also pay less for your car.
The car mileage. The less you drive, the cheaper it is for you to insure your car. A high annual mileage will get you bigger quotes.
How you park. This actually refers to your preferred place of parking. If you have a driveway or a garage, the policy price drops.

What Cannot Be Controlled

Your age will inevitably influence the premiums. The younger you are as a driver, the more risky (and therefore expensive) it is. Also, your past as a driver matters. What's done is done, you cannot change your driving record. The points on your licence will translate into higher premiums. The same goes for claims you've made.
Meeting the low-risk criteria of insurers may get you a significant discount. Fortunately, many aspects can be influenced. As you fill out the form to obtain a quote, be honest about the required data, in order to get a realistic estimation.