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The Often Ignored Tricks for Getting a Cheaper Car Insurance

Shopping around and hoping to shrink down a little that car insurance price? There are money saving tips that most people ignore. We will give you a list of 10 easy tricks that work wonders. These are meant to help you lower the price on your next car insurance and leave aside those insurers that simply charge too much or don't meet your expectations.

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1. How you choose your car – This can make for a huge difference and applies to those who have not purchased a car yet. Start with your car – its type, the engine size, the overall value, etc. A smaller car means a lower premium, for example. When you are about to buy a vehicle, do some thorough quotes checking.


2. Do not rely on other people's choices. As with everything else, people tend to copy the choices of their family, friends or other trusted individuals in their lives. This is not beneficial when shopping for a car insurance, because the situation can vary greatly. You might be in need of a totally different cover. Also, if someone you know got a low premium with a certain insurer, it doesn't mean you will get the same. It's all about your car, your driving history, your age and many other factors that may not match the situation of the other person.
3. Check comprehensive cover. It's not always cheaper to opt for third-party cover, as many believe. Because every high-risk driver goes for a cheaper insurance, companies are pushing these prices up.
4. Consider a security device immediately. If you equip your vehicle with an alarm, a tracker or any other security device, the risk level decreases. In turn, this prompts an insurer to offer a lower price. The existence of a security device will instantly reduce a quote.
5. Add an experienced driver. Young or beginner-level drivers represent a high-risk category. This translates to higher premiums. To make it cheaper, you can add another driver to you policy – a more experienced one, like a big brother or a parent.
6. Opt for a bigger voluntary excess. The voluntary excess is the first part of what you pay yourself as a claim is made. If you opt for increasing it, your premiums will be automatically lowered.
7. Telematics insurance – the fairer option. This is also known as the black box insurance. You will be paying based on the way you drive – on your actual driving habits. It is seen as the fairest option out there. Fit a black box to your car and you will be enjoying cheaper premiums.
8. Mileage checks – Check your mileage each year. MOT certificated can help you do that. Also, the web provides good mileage calculators. You could be insuring too much when you don't really need it. The fewer the miles, the lower the premiums.
9. Keep a clean driver's licence. It is the most obvious tip for better insurance costs. Any point on your licence is bound to increase the premiums. A clean record is proof of a responsible driver.
10. Compare before you shop. We've already told you not to go for the same insurer your brother, parent or friend went to. Give it a bit of extra time and shop around for a car insurance. Better, use a comparison website to get quotes from different insurers and see how they compare. In just one moment, you will be having a list of insurance providers who have competitive prices and who are able to tailor a policy according to your specific situation.
Remember these easy tips before you look for a new car insurance. Surprisingly, these easy ways to reduce high premiums are often overlooked.