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Cut Your Car Insurance Bills By Haggling

In order to lower your car insurance premium people believe that they must switch providers but in reality you can avail a discount without needing to switch.

By comparing and looking around for competitive rates and later asking the present provider to outdo that rate can get you a lower renewal quotation.

Following points help you get an idea as to how much can be saved by haggling over car insurance policies and how much discounts are more likely to be given by which providers.

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Steps to get the best car insurance policy by haggling

Carry out a little research before calling up your current provider to haggle for a better deal.

Find out last year’s premium and compare it with the renewal deal offered

Obtain quotes for car insurance policies by visiting price comparison sites and also inquire what your present provider is offering to new customers

Additional comparable policy quotes can be got via contacting insurers directly on the phone or on their websites. You could begin with mainstream providers such as The Co-operative Insurance, LV, Direct Line or Aviva

Pinpoint the cheapest premium offered and the insurer providing the best rates

Compare this cover thoroughly with your present policy

At the end make use of the script provided to ask the current insurance provider to beat the cheapest car insurance premium you found through your research.

How to find cheap car insurance and in turn find the best deal?

How much discount can be expected on car insurance?

A study in 2014 found that members by haggling saved an average of 42 pounds on their car insurance.

Nine major insurers were covered in our research and we found Admiral to be most receptive to haggling by offering close to 88% customers, who had called to negotiate premiums, incentives.

Others who can expect discounts are customers of Liverpool Victoria (86%), More Than (86%) and Direct Line (85%).

Of 672 motorists surveyed by us, who were also customers of Churchill, Aviva, Swinton, Esure and Sheilas’ almost 77% of them had haggled successfully.

You too could follow our script to obtain a car insurance discount.

Also, our haggling etiquettes can offer tips and guide you to securing a discount.


What Do and Have in Common, and What Not?

Price comparison sites are very popular these days because they are easy to use, and provide substantial information about comparative analysis on price range for various services. and are such sites that provide comparison details for vehicle, home and pet insurance as well as breakdown cover, financial products, and many others.

Distinct Features

One of the differences between Newport, Wales based and Peterborough, Cambridgeshire based is that the former is a limited company and the latter is a privately held company. For liability of subscribers or members remains limited to their investments or what they have guaranteed to the company. They may be limited shares or guarantee. On the other hand, is a close corporation that is run by a relatively small number of company members who do not trade their company shares to the general public on the share market exchanges.

Active Domains is active mainly in the UK, whereas, is active even outside the UK. In September 2012, was launched to provide Australian customers the opportunity to compare insurance prices from a range of providers to select from some of the best deals that suit their requirements.

Their Uniqueness

There are, however, some unique areas both these companies work around, despite of having some fields in common. The unique price comparison services of are gas and electricity, credit cards and many other types of financial products through preferred providers, such as Enrgylinx and Experian., on the other hand, provides information on price comparison for your life insurance, health insurance, public liability insurance, landlord insurance, business insurance, employers liability insurance, and travel insurance, apart from the common areas.

Styles of Publicity

So far publicity is concerned both and have shown their own creative ways to advertise themselves. launched its advertisement campaign first in June 2009, and it featured Gio Compario, an Italian tenor, who kept on singing the ‘Go Compare’ tune in deferent places, like coffee shop, market etc, throughout the advertisement., on the other hand, launched their advertisement in January 2009, and featured a Meer Cat character, requesting the viewers to go for cheaper car insurance, and exhorting them not be fooled by its sound alike website, The company however launched several other versions of advertisement campaigns later on in search of the perfect one.

With their similarities and distinctive areas, both these companies are providing essential information on public welfare and customer discretion.

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