Why do You need a Content Insurance?

Put yourself on the safer side using Content Insurance


Have you ever thought what you would do if you lose everything in home? Buying everything would cause you an extra burden, so content insurance helps you to breathe out if you lose your possessions to fire or burglary.

 are you covered?

Understanding Content Insurance


Content Insurance is a type of insurance that covers for the damages or loss of the items. This saves you from buying new items which would empty your pocket in that financial situation.

So Content insurance helps you retain back your financial situation on the event of theft.



What are included in Contents Insurance? It covers up all your personal belongings such as furniture, goods, clothes, electronic equipments and jewellery.


Some policies cover for the theft occurred when you go abroad. So you need not be shocked if your possessions are missing when you return back. Go to your insurer and claim for the loss occurred.

Different policies offer different type of cover so its vital to read what are included in the cover to pick the best one.


What Content Insurance doesn’t cover?


There are certain items which content insurance does not cover.


On the basis of your policy it may include,


Building related – Walls, roofs and paints

Wear and tear

Break down of electronic equipments

Loss of files stored in computer


Types of Insurance cover


New for old policy: You will be paid to replace the lost or damaged items with new ones.


Indemnity policy: You will be paid in terms of the current value of your possessions.


Some policies offer digital information cover to account for the loss of digital information stored.

Personal possessions cover – To cover for the things that are carried outside home like mobile phone, laptops, i-pads, i-pods, wallets, handbags etc.


Legal cover – For the court proceedings in case of theft.


Home Cover – For house hold emergencies.


Home worker policy – Incase if you work from home it’s important check if this cover is included in your standard policy or in extras. It covers for the business equipments used.


Stay updated with your content insurance cover:


If you purchase new jewellery or items for your home, your insurance value must be increased. When you don’t stay updated you insurer will pay you only the sum of amount that you have quoted earlier.

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