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How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance?

Car insurance cost can be got down in a number of ways like choosing a car which needs lower insurance or getting cheapest car insurance quotes or knowing about the car insurance groups. Our guide will help decipher the difficult insurance groups and factors to be taken into account along with list of cheapest cars to insure.

cheap insurance

Factors for grouping vehicles under insurance groups include

Cost of repairs

The cost of repairing a car and the time spent are considered before assigning cars to insurance groups as these factors account for a sizeable amount spent during insurance claims.

Cost of parts

There are usually 23 common parts in a car that can be repaired. The cost of these parts determines the insurance for the car. If the cost of the parts is low, the car insurance quotes will be low too.

Worth of the car

The value of a new car is used to determine the cost of repair or replacement borne by the insurer.

Car performance

The acceleration and top speed of a car need to be considered to secure cheap car insurance because cars that reach top speed and have high performance are more inclined to make an insurance claim.

Security of car

A car’s security features such as the alarms, high security locks or immobilisers, all of which are provided by the manufacturer, make the car safe and less likely to be hot-wired and therefore the car will be cheap to insure.

A car’s security is rated by assigning them alphabets such as E, A, P, D and U where E stands for “exceeds” security features whereas U stands for “unacceptable”. Thus a car with a security rating of E or A will be cheaper to insure and will fall under low insurance groups.

Below is a list of some cars that are cheapest in terms of insurance.

Chevrolet Spark

This attractive car is ideal to drive in the city with compact size, clever design and high quality build that has decent safety features. The car is cheap too. Thus it has a cheap car insurance rate which makes up for its lack of performance.

Kia Rio

This small family car which is known for its ample boot space and low carbon dioxide emission falls under the lower car insurance groups along with other models of this car.

Renault Twingo

This innovative design car with fold-flat seats is a popular city car having low insurance.

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback

This insurance group 2 car is sensible, supermini and popular too.

Volkswagen Up

This car which has good fuel economy and is cheap won the car of the year award too.

Hyundai i10

This model falls under insurance group 1 making it cheap to insure and is packed with features making it appealing to youngsters.


This green car is cheap and its ecomotive model has low emissions too exempting it from road tax and congestion charge making it even more economical.

Dacia Sandero

This insurance group 2 car is cheaper to buy and perfect for a small family.

Skoda Citigo

This car with solid engineering and low price falls in insurance group 1.

Smart Fortwo Coupe and Cabriolet

Smart cars have expensive parts and servicing but car insurance is cheap.

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