Free Insurance Protection from Your Credit Card

Get a Free Insurance Policy with Your Credit Card

As insurance has become one of the vital parts of our life, there are many people who are looking for an option to find insurance policies. If you are in the same group this is the best article for you. Here we will discuss about some of the tips that will help you to find a free insurance policy. Yes it’s true. If you are a credit card holder, you can easily opt for a free insurance plan. The below mentioned content will give you more information to obtain the free insurance policies by using your credit cards.

There are several benefits of credit insurance card available in the market, but might not be aware of them. Here are some of the benefits of credit card insurance that you can serve and stay safe. If the holder of the card expires, the insurance company will pay the debt you owe. However, the amount that would be covered varies from bank to bank, and also depends on the type of credit card. For example, in case of accidental death, there is a cover of two Lakh to four Lakh rupees provided to beneficiaries. But to claim this benefit, you must provide a death certificate and inform the insurance company within thirty days after the death of the holder.

The claim must be made within two months of death due to an accident. This insurance protects your credit by paying their minimum monthly payment if you become disabled physician. There is a period of time that payments will be made and purchases made after disabilities are not payable.


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