Carbon Footprints and Car Insurance

Carbon Neutral Motor Insurance

One of the main sources for the increase in the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is the transport. Due to the increase in the carbon, it is contributing to the climate change. Everyday the car travel plays an important role in the increase the carbon to the air or atmosphere. The fact is that 25 percent of increase in carbon footprint in UK is due to the emission of the cars. Therefore it is very important to try and check our carbon footprint by reducing the number of miles that we travel in our vehicles, there are some tips for which we have no real option, carbon emissions or otherwise.

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That does not mean that there is noting we could do in order to reduce the impact of our vehicle usage while, as one insurer has come up with a great idea of tying together a common auto insurance policy with the idea of carbon offsetting. The concept behind the carbon offsetting is that for every amount of carbon footprints our actions cause to be emitted, we pay some money towards a project or scheme which would either help find ways in order to offer energy without emitting carbon in the future (i.e. different energy research) or remove or reduce carbon from the environment such as by planting more and more trees and other things. In this you could reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere as well you could make our planet clean and pollution free. There are several cheap insurance policies are available with this plan. You have to select the best one which suits your requirements and budget.