Nightmare Electricians from hell! Make sure your Electrician has Electrician Insurance!

If your electrician doesn’t have a license or electrician insurance, you could essentially just be hiring someone trying their hand at electrics and they could end up doing a terrible job. Or even worse, someone could be seriously hurt and you might even have to pay to cover any costs.

This is exactly what happened to my Aunt Josie when she hired an electrician to fit a double wall socket in the kitchen. It was evident from that start that his electrical expertise was lacking. Firstly, the electrician failed to use any equipment to initially do any testing, and he did not test thereafter throughout the entire job.


A measly twenty minutes later, the electrician ‘finished’ the job and headed off into the night, leaving my Aunt Josie and I to prepare for a cosy night in with hot chocolate and EastEnders. Everyone knows the importance of the crashing drums at the start of EastEnders to help set the tone! So, as I raced to the living room to pause the TV, Aunt Josie went to plug in the metal kettle to the plug socket and suffered a mild electrical shock.

Aunt Josie’s exposure to the electrical energy caused her to fall flat on her back. After an exhausting night at Croydon A & E, we were extremely lucky to learn she had only mildly fractured her right arm from the fall. As we all know, it could have very well resulted in devastating damage or dare I say it, death.

Of course, during our attempts to sue the nightmare electrician from hell, we came to learn he was not licensed and did not have electrician insurance. After our first call with him, he blocked our number and, I found out that my dear Aunt Josie had simply rang a random number found online, not bothering to check if he worked through a company or had any type of electrician insurance.

So, the moral of the story? Don’t tolerate a nightmare electrician from hell. Make sure your electrician has electrician insurance!

So, what electrician insurance do electricians need?

Personal accident insurance covers serious injury, including medical costs and loss of income.

Public liability insurance is especially important as this means your electrician has insurance to protect against claims made by customers or members of the public for an injury that they suffer, or damage to their property caused. Any related costs and legal fees would also be covered.

Employers’ liability insurance – it is illegal if your electrician works through a company and does not have this insurance.

Always ask to see your electrician’s insurance policy before they carry out any work and check the insurance won’t run out before the work is finished.

Simply put, some electricians are insured and some are not. Ultimately, although you may not think it would be a big deal, it really does matter. Don’t pull an Auntie Josie. Protect yourself and ensure peace of mind by making sure your electrician has electrician insurance!

We recommend the trade specialist company called “Tradesman Saver“. Most of other large insurance providers usually cannot provide tailored solutions for electricians.