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The Black Box Insurance: What You Must Know

To many car owners and drivers, the black box insurance is still an unknown or confusing concept. We are going to make things simple and explain this insuring option that's known to reduce the costs. Especially now, in a year when premiums are expected to rise, it is important to understand the black box insurance and its benefits.


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A Black Box Makes You a Safer Driver

drive like a girl 

Driving like a Lady can save you money on car insurance. Also using bike for short journeys will reduce your premium.


A young age, a high mileage or risky driving habits make one a high-risk client to be insured. For this reasons, insurers will ask for more money of you. The black box helps you avoid higher costs by proving that you are not exactly a reckless driver. The data it records and provides shows your real driving habits and not what is perceived through your age or other such aspects that you cannot change. It can help you improve your driving performance in a way that looks less risky to insurers.

What Is a Black Box?

A black box is a device that relies on Telematics technology and monitors your driving. It is ideal if you need some help to become a better, safer driver, because it will provide you with information about your driving habits. Thus, you'll see what needs to change.
This is simply a small black 'box' that is installed inside your car, much like a smartphone. It is also known as a telematics unit. It incorporates GPS technology too, to record your journeys and your car's position at any given moment. This box is able to transmit data to the insurer, data that will paint a picture about how you drive – how far you go, how fast, how you brake and accelerate etc.

The Undeniable Advantages of Using the Black Box

With a black box installed, you can have your driving monitored, but you can also enjoy a whole series of other benefits. We have already mentioned some of these. The best is that you can get a 'Telematics Insurance', which refers to a special policy that helps you save money. The younger you are, the more you can save. This is because the youngest of the drivers represent a highly risky driver profile, and this is what insurers work with. The alternative name of this type of insurance, 'pay as you go', reveals more about how it works. There may be certain differences, however. Some companies offer full discounts from the beginning, right as you instal and start using the black box. Some others offer you driving rewards as you go.
Because the black box records information about your driving style, it will help you make changes. You'll get precious tips from it. The more changes you make, the lower the insurance policy costs will go. You can start driving on less dangerous roads, drive less at night and more during the day, preferably outside the peak hours, and also limit your mileage, to name some measures that bring premiums down. Better, safer driving is definitely rewarded.
If you are a newly qualified driver, you will enjoy having a black box and a special insurance policy to go with it. It is not the same for everyone, however. Commuters may not see much of a saving because of the distances they cover day by day, usually during the rush hours, so this is a drawback. Also, you will pay more if you're not considering the tips and doing the opposite of what has been recommended here.
All in all, installing a black box will show that you are a responsible young driver. You will be considered a safe one and lower the cost of your insurance.