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Go and Compare Market: Money Saving Comparison Sites

It is easy and highly beneficial to use comparison sites, as these can help you get a much better deal even when it comes to financial products to purchase. Going through the available such sites is, however, a time-consuming task. You would have to enter the required details over and over again, to your frustration. For this reason, knowing the best comparison sites is of great help.

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UK car insurance comparison sites are numerous and it was a tough mission to pick those that serve best. In assessing their individual value, we were focused on their ease of use, the quote accuracy and on how many insurance providers these include. Also, the design and the general usefulness were taken into account. Here are the top sites to use when you want to compare car insurance offers:

We Recommend


MoneySupermarket.Com gave us sufficient reasons to believe it is superior to all the others. First of all, it has an impressive list of insurers and broker from which it provides quotes – there are no less than 88 of them and that is a very good coverage. This means you can compare offers from all these 88 UK providers. Also, given the data we used with the sites we reviewed, this one gave us the lowest quotes.

Money Supermarket is very good for those aiming at cheaper prices. It may not have a top-class design, but the site is packed with all the good features for effective comparisons. Each heading has filters and you can also read consumers' testimonials. Besides, the prices you will get here are guaranteed. The only downside is that it has some pop-up windows.


With the advantage of better looks, this site attracts users and is very easy to figure out how it works. It was disappointing, though, to see that it includes only 30 insurance providers. However, it has a series of 70 questions to ask in order to identify the right product for you. It surely offers cheap quotes which tend to be very accurate. You will not be able to make a fast re-quote, but you can sort the results to compare as desired.

GoCompare is one of the most popular choices for British consumers. Not only that it has a good design, but it has a total of 90 providers to be compared. This is an excellent number and no other site matches it. One can opt out of third-party contact and get to compare several policies at once. The negatives are the following: there are no re-quotes and no price guarantee. Concerning the quotes, you will get almost the cheapest ones.


Confused (

When using Confused you will not be too excited about the design, but you will be able to make multiple companies comparisons. This is a good tool, but there is no third-party opt-out option, which means your information will be send to third parties. However, we liked it that it provides the second most affordable quotes and therefore you will find it useful, though not as manageable as the other choices.



CompareTheMarket.Com is easy to use and has a friendly design. It does claim it provides prices from the top insurers, but doesn't say how many. The site only points to a total of 400 prices, but that gives no info on the actual providers. With the first search, we also had to deal with a limitation: we were only shown the prices. Nevertheless, this was no actual problem, since we could expand the results to get the other details as well. Therefore, it may be a very handy tool when price is the main selection criteria. Users will quickly get to see what exactly the policies cover. The quoted costs are low, but do not always match what is on the insurer's website.


In case you are still undecided and cannot select only one comparison site, you may use several of these. Our selection was made based on the same set of data that we used with each site. Having at hand details of previous brokers and policies may help you in your new endeavour.